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Having worked with children, and raising one of my own, I have come to the realisation that the best way to teach is through play.

Through play we encourage creativity and creativity leads to being able to ‘think outside the box’.  

The Touch and Learn range of products has been developed with this in mind.

Felt Books

Sewn by hand, these gems are designed for the 0 to 6 year age group. Interaction with your child while ‘reading’ these books will make the concept of reading and learning fun. All the books contain multiple play and learning opportunities.

Felt Boards and Themes

Using the imagination is a skill required for problem solving. Encouraging children to invent stories while playing develops this ability.  Using Touch and Learn Felt Boards and Felt Board Themes helps children develop skills through multi-sensory play.

Busy Bags

Need a ‘Grab ‘n Go’ option for keeping your little one busy? Then the Touch and Learn range of Busy Bags is just for you! Handcrafted games and puzzles neatly stored in bag make the perfect quick distraction.

Printed Books

Adult and children’s printed books 

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