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Be Inspired! (Part Four)

TAL Compost bin

The weather is really heating up and I am wondering how much rainfall we will receive this year. As adults we worry about things like ‘Day Zero’ and how we will cope. But nature does things her own way and we have little influence over her so it is time to Be Inspired!

Why does it rain? Why does it rain more in some places and less in others? What can we do to help nature keep the balance so that we don’t have to worry about things like ‘Day Zero’? Let’s start teaching our children about pollution from an early age. Littering is one of my bug-bears. I just don’t understand why a person cannot hold onto a sweet wrapper until they reach a dustbin. Discussing topics such as littering with children from an early age means that they are more aware of the impact of dropping a sweet wrapper. Littering is not only laziness, it is also a lack of education. If we, as parents, do not educate our children in such matters, who will?

Let’s talk recycling……and that magnificent compost heap that you have probably not started! Here is a simple way of making compost for your garden. Each time any vegetable matter is about to be put in the dustbin, redirect! Place a cardboard box close to the kitchen. Open up the bottom so that any items added to the box are in contact with the earth. Start placing all peelings, rotten veg etc in the box. Add some of the leaves that have dropped from the plants in the garden and just keep adding. Don’t put any animal products in your box, just the organic stuff.

While you are doing this, discuss how compost is made (if you need a refresher check out this article ), what you can use and what you shouldn’t, why we need to recycle and so on. Although great compost takes a while, the process is fascinating and being able to use your own compost in your own garden is so rewarding!

Do you have a compost heap? Do your children add to it?