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Be Inspired! (Part Two)

TAL Child sweeping

Nature’s bounty is never ending but spring is the time I notice it most. As the dormant plants and trees start to show new growth, I cannot help but be inspired!

Why do we spring clean? I suppose I could ask my good friend, Mr. Google (or you can click here for more information), but I prefer the simple explanation of removing the old, dead stuff to make room for new. Winter is a time of rest for many of the plants in my garden and although I prune many plants at the end of winter to remove unwanted, diseased or dead stems, it is seeing the new growth on those pruned plants that reminds me of the cycle of life.  We are born, we live our life and then we die. This is nature and it is natural. It is how we live our life that counts.

I am continually inspired by nature. Watching this yearly cycle reminds me that we also live through cycles. Spring is a time for cleaning: washing the warm blankets we used to keep warm in the previous months, putting away the warm winter clothes and bringing out the cooler cotton versions. It is a great time to look at my cupboard to see what I did not wear over the cooler months and to just move it on. If I have not worn it in the last six months, then it must go!

Spring is a wonderful time to sit with your child and sort through their toys and books to see what they have out grown. Unless there is a younger sibling, and the items are in great condition, MOVE THEM ON! Sell or donate or simply give them away. Their life cycle for your child has ended, so move them on and make space for new and different books and toys. You might be surprised at how much your children have accumulated. Do they really need all that stuff?

How often do you sit with your child to see what they no longer play with? When last was there a spring clean?