Bhijal Parbhoo

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Bhijal Parbhoo

I am 29 years of age,  with an honors degree in Hospitality Management; a full time business women and yoga instructor.

A self defense and dance trainer for the Women Of Stature and a children’s Author of 2 books,  I am a motivational speaker and volunteer at Kingsway School. I am the Miss Inspire South Africa Top 4 for 2017 and Miss Earth SA finalist for 2016. I live to inspire the lives of others – from women empowerment programs, to service excellence in our family business.

I live by the saying of MAHATMA GANDHI ” The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” 

This book is about two little boys Tim and Cody, Tim is happy all the time and his friend Cody seeks to find out why, as he wants to be happy too. Tim shows Cody something miraculous outside his window that excites Cody and finally gives him an answer. What is at the window? Cody now seems to be the happiest he has ever been.

The book is about an extraordinary girl named Jasmine. Jasmine is being teased and bullied at school. Although she tries to be brave, deep down she feels alone and does not know who to turn to, until she meets Sienna. Sienna teaches Jasmine to stand up for herself, but not in the way that you think. Thanks to the lessons that she learns from Sienna, Jasmine becomes a pillar of strength for other young girls in her community. As she grows into a young woman, she learns about success. She also learns about failure. She learns that sometimes she will win the crown, but there are times that she won’t. When she understands that failure is not always a bad thing, she really begins to shine. This book will teach you how to believe in yourself – just like Jasmine did – so that you too can stand in your own power, and become a sparkle in other people’s lives.