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Dominant hands

Last weekend I was at a market and decided to put the Pom Pom game on my table to entice children (and their parents!) to come and play.  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing children having fun – and fun they had!  Using tweezers, the child must sort the coloured pom poms into matching containers.  First with their dominant hand, and then with the other.  It was fascinating to see how the young children, although they have a dominant hand, can easily switch between right and left.  The older children had much more difficulty.  While observing this, it made me realise how dependent we become on our dominant hand as we grow and therefore, the need to encourage children to always try things with both.

The Pom Pom game









Do you encourage your children to try things with both hands?   Have some fun and have regular ‘opposite hand days’ and let me know how it goes!