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How Many Pens Do You Use In A Year?

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From the quill to erasable ink, pens remain an important part of our lives and something we don’t really think of – except when we can’t find one! As adults, we really don’t think about writing or the tools required but for someone learning to form letters, the tools become very important.

‘Keeping it simple’ is my motto so let’s get down to basics. A baking tray with flour and your child’s finger is all that is needed to begin learning letter formation! There are many variations on this theme and  a quick Google search will direct you to many interesting sites. By engaging more senses, your child will quickly become familiar with letter and number formation – but what happens when they need to use a pencil? This is one of the areas that requires fine-motor development.

So many activities can strengthen the muscles and neural pathways which are needed for fine-motor development and as parents, we can help our children by encouraging them to play the games that will help with this. The Pom Pom sorting game is a great example of an activity for this. Simple threading of pasta on string or playing with play dough are fascinating to children, and yet help so much with their development.

Want to know more about the mile stones in fine-motor skill development? This site has a wealth of information.

So, how many pens do you use in a year and do you ever think about the time when you did not know how to write?