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In Celebration of Drawing Day

Drawing day is there to remind us of the time when we were too tied up in the amazing and beautiful things that came out of our imagination and onto the page to be self-conscious about them. We weren’t worried about how good we were or weren’t, we just knew that it was time to take our inner worlds and bring them out in glorious color. Some of us were amazing, to begin with, some of us got there drawing after painful drawing, and some of us let the artist within us die out under a wave of “not being good enough.”
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Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay

Why do we forget how creative we are? We only need one person to tell us that ‘we are not good at XXX’ and suddenly we believe them! When the important people in our lives tell us that we are not good at XXX, then we will never try it again. How sad is that?

Opinions matter to us. Why we let them is another story all together, but the fact is that they do. It is a kind of validation and we might even go as far as changing our desired path because of a person’s opinion. This is why drawing (and other creative art forms) gets left out of our lives. These comments affect our self-esteem and our opinion of our abilities.

A friend and I went to a drawing afternoon. It was so much fun! We were given a piece of charcoal and paper and guided through various drawings. Just to let the charcoal scratch on the paper was an experience – something that I haven’t done since I was a child because I was told that ‘I was not good enough’. Who cares if you are not good enough! What matters is that you are creating and when you create you stimulate those neural pathways into action and when creativity becomes a part of our daily lives, things change. We start to see things in a different light. Our children need to be creative thinkers – to use current terminology, they must be able to ‘think out of the box’ or be left to live very hum-drum lives.

My challenge to you this week is to get drawing. Doodle while you are on the phone, grab some charcoal and scratch away, draw with a stick in the sandpit while your child plays, but take action! Get drawing! Post pics in the comments of your efforts and let me know how you feel after a few drawing sessions – I think you will be amazed.