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International Crayola Crayon Day

TAL crayons

In celebration of International Crayola Crayon Day, let‘s get colouring! The craze of adult colouring is not dwindling and why should it? It is one of the fun things from our childhood which we did all the time, but stopped as we grew older. Colouring is relaxing and can bring on a meditative state, so why did we stop?  Well, life just got in the way, didn’t it?

So, the next time you plonk the paper or colouring book and crayons in front of your child, why not join them?  Who cares if the dolphin is orange and the farmer blue, just get colouring. There are many sites with free printables for colouring if your child is fascinated with a particular subject, along with sites for more complicated pictures for older children and adults. has a wonderful selection of free printables for all ages. has loads including alphabet letters. has a delightful selection for both children and adults.

So let’s remember the fun we had as children and get colouring J