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Jozi’s Books and Blogs Festival (Part 3)

TAL Popsicle Puzzle

What makes learning stick? When it is done while the children are having fun! There was so much to see and do at the Festival on 28 July 2019 and of course, TAL had lots for the children to have fun with while learning.

Apart from the Tangram Puzzle which was a huge hit, I also put out some of my Busy Bags – 20 minute fun activities which are designed to entertain while the child is learning. This time, I put out the Sticks and Bands Busy Bag. In this activity, the child must put the correct number of elastic bands onto a numbered stick. However, there is a trick! The band has to be twisted and wrapped around the stick twice so that it does not drop off.

In this simple activity, the child is learning about numbers – written on the stick, counting – ensuring the correct numbers of bands are put on the stick and fine motor skills are developed when the band is put on the stick. If you are doing the activity with your child, you can also add some colour identification and sorting (sort the bands into colours or sort the bands into groups of numbers matching the numbers written on the sticks).

The second activity I put out was a bag of Popsicle Puzzles. In this bag there are three puzzles. First the child must sort the sticks to be able to put the picture together correctly.

The children had loads of fun doing these activities and again, would only stop when their parents took them away. It is so rewarding to see my products being enjoyed.

Sticks and Bands Busy Bag

Popsicle Puzzle Busy Bag