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Jozi’s Books and Blogs Festival (Part 4)

TAL child in library

I have attended the Jozi’s Books and Blogs Festival several times but this was the first time that I participated as a vendor and hosted a session.

My products are aimed at the birth to 7 year old group so I was allocated a session with the children in the KNet Centre at SBBM School in Lenasia. As this was my first time, I was a little nervous that no children would attend my session or that if there were children, they would not enjoy what I had decided to do with them.  I was most relieved to see about twenty children waiting for me!

I used a felt board and felt characters to tell the story of the Three Little Pigs – along with all the necessary sound effects! The children were enthralled, which was most gratifying and a reminder that I need to believe in myself and my skills.

I told the story in the traditional manner the first time around but then as I was telling the story, it occurred to me that there could be more to this story than we see on the surface. The third pig builds a house of bricks on a strong foundation.  This I equated to our family and friends. The Big Bad Wolf is really just a bully, so if you have a strong foundation of family and friends, you then have the ability to defeat the bully!

As you tell stories to your children, think of their relevance in today’s world. If your child is a bully, or is being bullied, try to work that into the story. If there has been a death in the family, use a story to help your child understand what death is and what it means. Any story can be used in more ways that just entertainment – you just have to engage your creativity to make it happen.

Have fun telling stories to your children or check out these books:

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