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June is Audiobook Month

TAL listening to audiobooks

We listen to stories all the time – every time someone recounts an experience, they are telling a story.  We might embellish or edit the exact sequence of events or emotions felt or any other aspect of the tale but we are still telling a story. You have never thought of talking as telling a story, have you? Even venting your frustration about your workmates incompetence or how you were praised for something, is telling a story.

Audiobooks come in an enourmous variety of genre’s and there is sure to be one (or most likely, many!) for you. Have you considered listening to a story while travelling in the car? Sometimes you just need something to calm the children down after school or an activity that has them hyped. Try an audiobook .

When going on holiday with a long drive ahead, I always make sure there is a list of audiobooks for everyone to enjoy. They come in different lengths, so if the journey is to be short, I find a short audiobook so that the story will be finished by the time we reach our destination. Otherwise, I might get something a little longer so that the story is drawn out and can be discussed as we proceed through it. Just a simple question such as “before we start listening again, tell me what has happened so far” helps with recall and sequential thinking. The same can be done with bedtime stories. Asking your child to tell you the story you read last night can be loads of fun.

Here are some links to audiobook distributors for you to investigate: