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Let the imagination run wild and see what your child invents!

Ear muffs and water skis – both invented by children.  What about braille or a fire prevention device for tumble dryers?  All were invented by people under the age of 18.  Children have a unique ability to see the world differently – not only because they are shorter but because their minds are not cluttered with ‘adult’ things.  Children just want to play and it is this play that encourages their problem solving skills.

How do we encourage creativity?

Let’s look at an example: you are playing with your child on a road carpet and the rule is that the cars have to stay on the road.  What happens when you put a rock on the road so that the car cannot get past? The child will take the car up and over the rock and carry on driving.  Use this as a creativity and imagination building exercise.  Ask how the car managed to drive over the rock.  The child might know about 4-wheel drive but push them a little further by asking what would happen if the car did not have this. You can also use this as an opportunity to find out what bothers your child in daily life. Check out the article linked below to see what I mean.

Any game / activity / situation can have that type of interaction inserted – thus building a mind that looks for solutions and not just seeing a problem.

Use every opportunity to encourage problem-solving

Whenever your child comes to you with a problem, or says that they don’t like something or complains, encourage them to come up with something better. This article has some fascinating inventions by children and this has more.

How do you encourage this type of creativity in your child?  Have they solved a problem in an unexpected manner?  I would love to hear your stories.

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