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Laughter – Medicine for the Soul

At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities. — Jean Houston. 

TAL Baby laughing

Isn’t this a magical thought?  When last did you have a really good belly laugh?  One of those that seems to come up your torso until it bursts out of your mouth.  Children laugh all the time and at the strangest of things.  It’s the adults who have forgotten how to laugh.  Children laugh at a butterfly bobbing through the air, or the tinkling sound of a bell.  We have forgotten how to find joy in the things around us.

Take the time to observe your child and see what makes them laugh.  Then do more of that.  Soon you will see the joy coming from you too.  The more you laugh, the less stress you have in your life.

Play silly games (remember ‘peek-a-boo’?) with your children, act in a silly way, blow raspberries and kisses on their skin and have fun.  Our children model our behaviour so the more we laugh, the more they will too.

The Psychiatric Times has some scientific knowledge to share about laughter and here are some jokes to help lighten your day.

What makes your child laugh?  Do you revel in that laughter?  Tell me your stories, I would love to hear them – and have a good laugh too!