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Let’s Make Bunnies (1)!

TAL Bobblehead Bunny Craft

As April 2019 is the month of Easter, I thought we could have fun with bunny crafts! So here is the first bunny craft for the month – the bobblehead bunny.

You will need:

Cut out the 2 hearts, 2 ears and 2 strips

Place a dab of glue on each of the places marked:
bottom of one heart; bottom of each ear, one end of long strip.

Cut a small strip and fold in four, dab glue at each end.

Assemble by sticking ends of the long strip together, placing heart with glue onto the circle formed by the long strip and glueing ears to the second heart. Stick or draw eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers on the head.

Stick the head to the folded strip and stick in place on the body and voila! A bobblehead bunny!

I hope you have fun making these with your children – post photos so we can all see yours šŸ™‚