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Let’s Make Bunnies (5)!

TAL Paper Bag Bunny

Let’s make bunnies – a bunny puppet!

You will need:

A paper bag

Coloured paper

Wiggly eyes

Glue, ruler, scissors, marking pen

TAL Bunny puppet 2

Cut about 4 cm from the bottom of the bag and the coloured paper

TAL Bunny puppet 3

Open up and flatten the strip from the brown paper bag, fold in half. Fold the strip of coloured paper in half and lay it on top of the brown paper strip. Cut ear shapes and glue the coloured ears on the brown ears.

TAL Bunny puppet 4

Stick the ears at the top of the bag and the wiggly eyes on the bag. Draw in the nose and whiskers and hey presto! A paper bag bunny puppet!