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Let’s make butterflies! (2)

TAL Folded butterfly

Folding is a wonderful way to strengthen fine motor skills in little fingers. Use larger squares of paper for this project and make sure the folds are nice and crisp.

You will need a square of pretty paper, scissors and a piece of ribbon or string.

TAL Folded butterfly
  1. Fold the square of paper in half and cut along the fold. Put one half aside.
  2. Fold one rectangle in half lengthways. Open and fold each corner into the middle to form a triangle.
  3. Turn the rectangle horizontally and fold each side in half to create a fan. Put aside
  4. With the short side of the second rectangle facing you, fan fold the entire piece.
  5. Place the two fans together and tie with a piece of ribbon. Fluff out the folds and voila! A pretty butterfly.

I hope you enjoy this pretty project! Don’t forget to talk about colours and the lifecycle of the butterfly while doing this project đŸ™‚

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