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Let’s make butterflies!

TAL Cupcake liner butterflies 3

Butterflies are so much fun! Not only is their lifecycle interesting, but they come in such a variety of colours that they can only inspire creativity. This is the first of four posts for the month of March in which we create beautiful butterflies 🙂

You will need:

4 cupcake liners; either a piece of ribbon or string, or a thin strip of paper and some glue

Step 1

TAL Cupcake liner butterflies 1

Flatten the cupcake liners.

Fold each in half and then in half again (now quarters)

Step 2

TAL Cupcake liner butterflies 2

Dab glue onto each of the quarters and place them on top of each other as shown in the picture.

Wrap the string / strip of paper / ribbon around your butterflies wings and voila! A beautiful butterfly 🙂

Finally, fluff out the wings.

TAL cupcake liner butterflies
Use the butterflies to make a mobile or decorate a gift.