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Library Lovers Month

TAL child in library

Visit a library…..

and see how your child reacts to a quiet and peaceful environment. One of the things I loved about our weekly visit to our local library as a child was the peace. Although there were other people there, we all had a common goal – spending quality time with books!

Visit a library…….

and help your child become familiar with the library. Through our weekly visits I learned how the system worked – after all, how long does it take to pick a book! While my mom was browsing, I had already chosen my books and so I would help the librarians and learned what they did to keep the library in its neat and tidy state.

Visit a library……

and show your child the wondrous worlds that are available through books.  From picture books to chapter books, we can expose our children to things that are magical, educational or simply fun. Learn how to do something new or visit a different country or find out how something works – all possible through books.

How can you celebrate library lovers month?

As a library, you can make it fun for children by running a competition, giving out bookmarks or even inviting authors to interact with the children. As a parent, you play ‘library’ with your child and teach them how to sort alphabetically, pick a book and talk about the cover, sort through your books and spread the love by donating them to a local library or organisiation for the benefit of others.