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Sharing and Showing the Love!

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Let’s start sharing and showing our love in ways that matter! Even people who are not keen on showing affection in public or private, can learn ways to overcome this. Our children need affection from those around them. This is not a want; this is a need.

How do you show your love?

Hugs and kisses are one way of showing affection, but how else can we do this? The first and obvious way is to tell our children we love them, and mean what we are saying. Our words have tremendous power with our children and we need to use them wisely. Don’t think that you child will not recognise when words are being spoken without emotion, say what you mean, and mean what you say.

Allow yourself to be comforted by your child at night – read them a bedtime story and allow them to snuggle up to you. Hopefully, they are running low on energy, have bathed and will be content to lie next to you while you read.

Do something different

I used to love it when my mother stroked my hair; it was not only comforting, but it made me feel loved. Touch is so very powerful, so even stroking someone’s head can convey a boatload of love. One of my all-time favourites is a light stroke on the cheek with the back of the fingers.  Men can gently place their hands on the back of the neck and lightly squeeze to show affection (very manly!).

Start a ‘high-five’ club with your children. If you don’t want to kiss them, encourage them to ‘high-five’ you instead. Develop your own sign language with your children. Discuss what each sign means and use them frequently. An example would be rubbing your earlobe to tell them that you love them, so every time they see you doing that, they know they are loved.

Most important of all, is not to allow yourself to show love through material things. A tablet does not have emotions and therefore cannot show them to your child. Your child needs reassurance from YOU that they are loved.

How do you show your child that you love them?