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TAL Newsletter August 2019

I’ve been seeing more research being done about how the habits of children have changed over the years. Society has changed in a way which necessitates children spending more and more time indoors. Just in my life span, issues such as safety and the need for two incomes has changed the way we allow our children to play. How is this affecting them and do we need to change it?

The importance of children playing outside cannot be overemphasised – and barefoot as often as possible.  All those neural pathways need encouragement to develop and running barefoot, climbing trees and digging in the dirt are necessary for proper development. 

Here is some further reading on the importance of outdoor play:

The Guardian

Bruce Grey

Have you seen that children are writing and publishing their own stories? Bala Books run by Glad Kaiser is a company teaching children how to become authorpreneurs – everything from how to write a story to how to sell the books. What this means is that children now have the opportunity to read stories relevant to them because they are written by their peers. Their list of books is growing daily, so check it out.

Bala Books

Product Highlight

The Touch and Learn Textures felt book has pages with different textures for children to explore. Allow your baby to put their feet on the different textures and watch their reactions. It is quite different to when they feel them with their fingers and hands.

Felt Book - Textures

Get the Textures Book

Print Book Highlight

Baby Thabo is sad! It’s a school day and he is too young to go with his brother and sister. Will baby Thabo cry all day or will he have fun with his mother? Find out in this endearing story about the special relationship between a mother and her baby.

TAL Baby Thabo cover

Get your copy of Baby Thabo by Zurina Saban 

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” Have you taken the challenge yet?

Week 1: Monitor YOUR behaviour and find one behaviour that you do not want your child to imitate. It could be something as simple as putting your phone on silent and into a cupboard during supper or something that takes a little more effort on your part such as not getting irritated or angry when driving with your child in the car. Whatever it is, choose something. Write it down and stick it on your bathroom mirror to remind yourself that this is your challenge.

Week 2: Modify your behaviour and watch for changes in your child’s behaviour.

Week 3 and 4: Continue watching and then Report Back! let me know how changes in your behaviour affect your child – I think you will be surprised at what you notice 🙂

There is so much fun to be had, if you only take the time to play!

I hope your August 2019 is simply fabulous!