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TAL Newsletter June 2019

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” 

This quote from Charles Caleb Colton is the basis of something you will hear me rattle on about endlessly! We continually tell our children to listen but forget that they are watching us all the time. This month I am issuing a challenge:

Week 1: Monitor YOUR behaviour and find one behaviour that you do not want your child to imitate. It could be something as simple as putting your phone on silent and into a cupboard during supper or something that takes a little more effort on your part such as not getting irritated or angry when driving with your child in the car. Whatever it is, choose something. Write it down and stick it on your bathroom mirror to remind yourself that this is your challenge.

Week 2: Modify your behaviour and watch for changes in your child’s behaviour.

Week 3 and 4: Continue watching and then Report Back! let me know how changes in your behaviour affect your child – I think you will be surprised at what you notice :-)I would love to include your stories in the next newsletter, so please reply to this email with your feedback.Lacing in action – a 30 second peek at concentration and fine motor skills in action!

Lacing in action

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I hope your June 2019 is simply fabulous!