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TAL Newsletter May 2019

Touch and Learn loves playtime!

Gosh – April 2019 is finished and we are already winging our way through May! Time seems to move faster the older we get. When I was younger, it seemed that the days lasted forever! Now, I have to plan and deliberately set time aside to play. Play inspires creativity and through creativity our lives become easier as we are able to analyse and solve the problems we encounter in our daily lives. 

Do you play? Do you go for walks and admire the magnificence of nature? Plan and DO! Go and have some fun!

Adults should take a moment to observe children playing. Their whole focus is on whatever it is they are doing, and when they are playing, they are learning. Touch and Learn products encourage learning through play as they are designed to stimulate and motivate play.

TAL Child playing with sticks and bands busy bag

Although a simple game, putting the correct number of bands on the numbered stick is quite tricky, but fascinating to children. An activity such as this not only engages the mind but think of all those fine motor skills being developed!

Counting Sticks with Bands Busy Bags

I’ve been reading up on the effect on the brain of screen time and this is something I am going to keep talking about. There is scientific data showing the ways that various screen activities actually change the structure and functioning of the brain. This article looks at the effect of video games on the brain and this article looks at children’s brains.

How much time does YOUR child spend playing games on a phone, tablet or computer? REDUCE, REDUCE, REDUCE!!!! Children need to be familiar with technology because this is our world now, but giving them your phone to keep them quiet in a queue is not the way to go. Have a book or small game in your bag to pull out, or just talk to your child.

Do we want generations of socially inept robots or generations of functioning creative human beings? Let me know how you feel by responding to this article and you could win R500.00 worth of Touch and Learn products delivered to your door (only open to people living in South Africa, deliveries to main centers only).Did you know that the Touch and Learn website also sells printed books for children and adults? Here are the latest additions:

The Vitiligo Spot Spotter is a delightfully illustrated book for children with vitiligo and to raise awareness about vitiligo.

The Sex Goddess is a book by Rev. Stephanie Clarke exploring sxuality through the ages and her own experiences.

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