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The Magic of a Good Mystery

We are all detectives at heart – that sense of curiosity that makes us want to find out more. Why, what, where, when and how are questions that need to be answered and if they are not we are just left frustrated!

It doesn’t matter if the mystery is in our lives or in a book we are reading or a picture we are looking at, we just want to know more. Take this beautiful picture of a path in a forest for example. Our minds can go many places such as where does the path lead? What is at the end? Who uses this path? Where is this path to be found in the world? How did the photographer manage to catch that beam of sunlight? Why are the rocks so green?

Now think about your children. We always say that children are curious – but they come into this world with only natural instincts, and no knowledge of anything else. It is up to us to teach them about the world and how they fit in it.

I remember when my child went through the ‘why’ phase. I used to get so irritated at the continual repetition of ‘why’ but as I think back, I see now what was happening. This was him finding his place in the world – satisfying his curiosity of whatever was mysterious to him at the time. It took me quite a while to settle into the simplest of solutions: just respond to his questions with a simple answer. Children do not need to know every detail, they just want the basics because everything is new to them. If you start looking at the world through eyes without knowledge, see how you feel – a little lost and a lot scared!

Has your child been through the ‘why’ phase yet? How did you deal with it?