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Why Does A Giraffe Have A Long Neck?

Don’t children come up with the most amazing questions! Their curiosity is never satisfied. There is always something new to explore.

Children are born into this world with a clean slate and as they grow, they need to learn how to survive. Curiosity in its many forms is the spark that lights this learning. As parents, we need to understand this and then provide a safe environment for the spark to be ignited. Basic home safety is essential – covering plugs so that little fingers cannot poke in to feel what is there is an important example. Children have accidents all the time – it is our job to make sure that the basics are covered to ensure their safety.

Try to distract if you feel what they are exploring is dangerous. Always try to give a reason why what they are doing could be dangerous – if you don’t, they will just keep on trying. When my child was small, we lived in a double story house and the stairs caused me many sleepless nights!  We installed gates at the top and bottom until he was crawling and then we would crawl up and down the stairs with him until he (or rather me!) was confident in his climbing exploits. There were still tumbles and the gates stayed until he was about 6 years old – for my peace of mind!

Be cognisant of why your children is asking or doing something – remember, they know nothing until they have been exposed to it.

So, why does a giraffe have a long neck? Read this lovely article with your child to find out why.