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#WRAD World Read Aloud Day

The joy of reading aloud

Young children are incredibly accepting – even of you when you try to read aloud! You don’t have to put on funny voices or make strange sounds because the sound of YOUR voice is enough.

When you read out loud, you have to pay attention to the words you are reading because if you are distracted then you will loose track, so – bonus for the person reading the story! Your concentration will bolster your brain function.

This is me reading from Jemima Jones and the Revolving Door of Doom by Joanne Macgregor written for children between 6 and 9 years old

Children LOVE hearing stories. Reading can be a chore until they don’t have to sound out unfamiliar words or ask for their meaning. When you read aloud, your audience can allow the story to flow through their bodies and really enjoy the time spent on this activity.

Don’t be surprised if the people you read to fidget and move around. Some just need this to be able to concentrate. Obviously, you don’t want this to become disruptive, because the idea is for them to learn to listen and to learn to enjoy listening. Listening to understand is a skill and it needs to be encouraged from birth.

Let’s have some fun and read aloud to those around us.

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